Drying buildings with hot air is having a major impact on disaster restoration, in both domestic and commercial properties.

Using Revival’s revolutionary and advanced speed drying system, buildings can be dried in a matter of hours or days rather than using traditional methods, which takes weeks or months. The whole project can be monitored and controlled remotely, via the Internet, to ensure the temperature and humidity remain at the optimum for safe, fast drying.

How does it work?

The system heats fluid to a very high temperature. This is pumped around the property in insulated hoses, which run to heat exchangers. These in turn pump large quantities of (controllable) hot air into a vented ‘chamber’ (the wet area). The cooler fluid coming from the wet area returns to the boiler to be re-heated so the process can continue. The system runs economically and independently, ensuring that the security of the property is not compromised.

Revival has the largest fleet of machines available for use across Europe and the infrastructure to deploy teams of skilled technicians at short notice.

Take a look at The Revival Hydrothermic System case studies

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