Surge situations are caused by naturally occurring events such as torrential downpours of rain and the bursting of river banks.

By their very nature, when major incidents happen, it is vital that recovery teams act quickly and efficiently.

Good planning and project management skills are essential if this type of work is to be successfully managed. For over 30 years, Revival has operated under challenging situations that are associated with a surge incident. This is due to our continuous, vast experience of providing disaster management and restoration services to owners of commercial and domestic properties.

Our technicians, who are trained specifically to deal with major incidents, visit all sites immediately where they assess the issues and estimate all work required. With a clear Surge Management plan allocated to the required branches, we have the ability to attend a lot of jobs on a localised or nationwide basis.

As a Revival client, you will benefit from daily capacity reports detailing localised response times. This enables claims staff and loss adjusters to make informed decisions about instructing us to attend to policyholders, helping them to recover from the devastating effects of a surge.

Our team always ensures that recovery plans aim to limit the distress and inconvenience of homeowners, minimise business interruption and contain losses, as well as taking all health and safety issues into consideration.

View our case studies to find out more about how we manage major disaster and surge situations.

If you have an enquiry regarding major disaster and surge incidents, please feel free to call us on 0800 393 689.