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Welcome to our inaugural Revival Newsletter, a light-hearted way of communicating to our Revival family and friends, designed to help communicate what’s happening in the Revival world.

We all know communication is an art form and we cannot communicate enough. So please ensure that these newsletters are circulated to all staff in your branches.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Plato

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

Simplify and Modernise – Infrastructure Investment

We have been busy configuring and reformatting the Revival documentation to deliver a full suite of documents for each branch to use through Pulse. A controlled system of revision and updating of these documents is in place for the future, so do let us have your feedback and we will incorporate changes where we can. The ‘go live’ happened in late August when all documentation became available to generate on Pulse. This includes a newly formatted Claim Report & Priced Schedule of Works which replaces the current Estimate, and new Risk Assessment to be used in conjunction with a Risk Assessment Manual.  Thanks to Steve Clinch and Andrew Fairhurst for their efforts in assisting with the redesign and documentation sign off .

Southern Branch & the £50K Rings !

Revival Southern have recently had a bit of a task on their hands. They have successfully found two rings worth £50,000. Mrs Hunt, a Chubb Policy Holder, took her rings off, placed them on a tissue and managed to accidentally flush them down the toilet. Together with a local drainage company they spent their August Bank Holiday systematically searching all the pipework from the toilet to the bottom of the cesspit where they found the rings lurking!  Now that’s dedication!  Both Mrs Hunt and Chubb were over the moon.

A massive well done to Jerry, Lee and the team at the Southern Branch – great work!

Branch Support – Supply Chain Management

Stephen Pomfret will take overall responsibility for our Group Supply Chain – Virtus Validations, Revival and MA Assist. This will include the line management of Phil Short and Kay Snuggs. We have been carefully considering the Supply Chain Manager’s (Voice of the Supplier/Franchisee) role – how they support the Branch Network in a more traditional Franchisor/Franchisee structure, setting out clear roles, responsibilities and objectives. The role will include pre-planned audits of every branch on a quarterly basis. The overall design (audit forms and guidance) and scheduling of the first round of audits can be found on the Revival calendar on the Extranet.  Future audits dates will be added in due course.

We also welcome Supply Chain Managers Marc Etchells and Justin Scargill to Revival as they expand their role throughout the Group.

CHAS Certified

Well done to:

  • Midlands,
  • South West London,
  • East Anglia, and
  • Halifax

branches for your efforts on CHAS, great to see you’re all certified!

Internal Re-organisation

There have been some recent changes to the Head Office team. We said goodbye to Joanna Paylor on 16th August as she went on maternity leave and welcomed some new faces to the Revival operation.

Sharon Litchfield, Catherine Lauer and Ben Mawby now make up the day to day operational team. The team at MA Group Head Office is led by Joe Russell, Operations Manager for Virtus Validations, Revival and MA Assist .

Catherine Lauer – Senior Claims Technician

I’ve been with Revival almost five years and enjoy the part I play in helping people get their lives back on track after a disaster. I’m also a budding gardener, homeowner and pc gamer. I live with 1 of my 2 sons and often find myself taking on the DIY. When I’m not doing the family thing, I try to get out and about, either meeting up with friends or visiting somewhere new. I like to think I have a friendly, caring, personality and I will offer my thoughts if they provide a different perspective.

Ben Mawby – Claims Technician

I have been with the MA Group for almost 5 years, in which time I have undertaken the roles of a Claims Technician and Technical & Audit officer.  In my spare time, I am an avid follower and season ticket holder for Wycombe Wanderers FC.  I also play Snooker in the Oxfordshire County League. I am a fan of the ‘Britpop’ era as well as an indie rock enthusiast

Sharon Litchfield – Claims Technician

I have been working within the MA Group for 12 years and have now joined the Revival team which I am enjoying very much. I like to spend any spare time in my garden, making flavoured gins and I have recently become a grandma to Olivia who is 7 months old.

Future Pricing Strategies

As part of an upcoming project we will reviewing the Revival pricing and schedules of rates. Several meetings are planned in September to discuss our future pricing strategy. Thank you very much to those who have agreed to attend, support and inform the debate. This help us define the future pricing methods to balance the needs of the buyers in the market alongside our own as a business. We are also looking to standardise the process and reduce the variations in our current pricing methodology. Watch this space!


NHCC instructions have been steadily increasing, over the last couple of months. Revival have successfully supported NHCC on 5 claims with major house builders.

Alcom – Guardian Managed Service Support

Abe and the team are making their way around the country auditing your IT systems, making sure you all comply with current regulations, so that as a business we are compliant to insurers’ needs.

Well done to Steve, Harriet and the team at the South-West London branch as they are the first branch to become fully compliant with their IT.

Forthcoming National Branch Meeting (NBM)

The next NBM will be held on Thursday 10th October at Hora Cross Hall Hotel, Maker Lane, Burton on Trent.

We will also be visiting the SCI operation to review their new contents and textile operation.

Blueprint close out

Just a reminder that the Blueprint system contract will cease at the end of September.

We are arranging for a single user license to be set up for Head Office so we can access information when needed in the future. Catherine is leading the close out, transfer and support.

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