Award winning service from Revival

Award winners

The Revival Southern branch were recently recognised for the outstanding service they delivered for High Net Worth customers insured with Chubb.

They were the very proud recipients of the 2019 Chubb ‘CODE’ Award for work on a claim that best embodies Chubb’s ideals for exceptional customer experience.

CODE is an acronym to summarise how claims should be managed by Chubb and its suppliers:

C – CARE – Make a personal connection, express empathy and adapt to the needs of the insureds.

O – OWNERSHIP – Take ownership, obtain key information, set clear expectations.

D – DELIVERY – Effective use of claims diary, timely communications, timely claims resolution.

E – EXCEED – Exceed requirement

Care and Ownership

In October 2018 Mr & Mrs B suffered an escape of water from the first floor underfloor heating pipework. Water flooded through the dining room ceiling and affected the dining room and hallway below.

From the moment the claim was received by Revival Southern, Lee and Jerry Hodge and their team demonstrated care and ownership.

Lee Hodge of Revival and the loss adjuster from Chubb Insurance attended site together when the customer was still on holiday. They agreed that strip out works and injection drying should only start once the customer returned from holiday, as coming home to a stripped-out house would have been too much of a shock and the customers needed to time to organise their possessions and make any necessary arrangements.

In advance of the customer returning from holiday Revival quickly took ownership of the claim. They removed returned the next day and carefully the dining room furniture, erected a zip-wall dust chamber and removed a section of dining room ceiling exposing the pipe that had leaked. They also vacuum cleaned and removed all debris leaving the dining room clean and tidy. Once the customers arrived back from holiday, Lee even lent them a clothes rack to use which, according to the customers, was “a godsend… whilst we used the alternate entrance!”

Delivery and Exceed

Drying equipment was immediately installed to control the high humidity in the property.

The leak in the first floor underfloor heating pipe was repaired and Revival pressure tested the complete underfloor heating pipework, zone by zone. Revival’s gas tracer leak detection confirmed leaks from all underfloor heating zones except the kitchen. Further moisture readings confirmed that moisture was trapped under the insulation within the floating floors throughout the majority of the ground floor. At this point further works were delayed at the customer’s request until after Christmas

After Christmas it was agreed that the most efficient and economical solution was to replace the underfloor system with a new overlay system. Revival quickly organised the packing and removals of furniture and contents to storage and then successfully carried out an injection drying process so the reinstatement suppliers could get to work.

Revival worked closely with the Chubb suppliers. They regularly had planning meetings and co-ordinated themselves well through good communication.

Expertise and empathy in action

Revival has many years of experience in managing High Net Worth claims. Any claim that involves an element of restoration is a stressful experience for customers, and Revival staff know how to minimise the stress as much as possible.

So it was wonderful for Revival to get recognition for its combination of technical expertise, organisation skills and empathy towards customers.

At the end of this claim the customers were delighted with the service they received.

They wrote to all parties involved in the claim and had this to say about Revival Southern:

“You and your guys have been fabulous. Thank you, and please pass on our thanks to everyone. Your knowledge and expertise are a thing of wonder and put the rebuild on a sound footing from the start.”

“Please pass on our thanks to all those involved. The flood of last October was horrid and [we] feared a nightmare, dirty, dusty journey. As it turned out it wasn’t that bad, due largely to you and your teams, who we would not hesitate to have in our house again at any time.”

Well done to Jerry and Lee at Revival Southern and the rest of the team

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