Being environmentally responsible is something Revival takes very seriously.

Our objective is to create a climate of excellence in the services we provide and also to protect our employees, non-employees and the environment. To this end, we have a detailed Environmental Policy in place.

The nature of our work poses a negligible risk to the environment. However, we manage activities to minimise, wherever practical, any adverse effect on the environment.  We achieve this through thorough induction training for staff and subcontractors, undertaking environmental impact risk assessments prior to starting work on a project, and regular monitoring by the Managing Director, Senior Management Team and any Appointed Competent Persons.

Revival actively demonstrates a commitment to being environmentally responsible by:

  • Identifying any risk of pollution that may arise due to the work carried out
  • Eliminating the risk altogether or effectively control the risk to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements relating to the environment
  • Reducing to a minimum, the unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy
  • Reducing waste to the lowest practicable level and ensuring any waste is disposed of in the proper manner
  • Recycling wherever possible and practicable
  • Ensuring that all employees and subcontractors are aware of, and agree to comply with, our Policy
  • Investigating any environmental accidents and implementing control measures to prevent the risk of a repeat accident
  • Appointing a Competent Person or their delegate to be responsible for waste and other environmental arrangements and the collation of all relevant waste disposal documentation.

This Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed by Revival in the light of any new knowledge, changing legislation or public concerns.