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We can't stop fire and floods. We can restore peace of mind. Find out more →
We can't hold back the tides. We can restore people's lives and possessions. Find out more →
We can't promise you the world. We can promise you a rapid worldwide service. Find out more →
We can't stop the leaks. We can trace and access them.
We can't welcome bugs with open arms. We can eliminate them using our innovative heat treatment.


Fire & flood restoration

Fire and water can have a devastating effect on your home and possessions.

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Specialist commercial cleaning & restoration

Business interruption is often, and understandably, the major concern for business owners.

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Insurance brokers


Emergency planning to help in times of crisis.

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Trace & Access

Leak detection

Water damage is often caused by a leak in a pipe, be it mains water, central heating or waste system.

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Worldwide response

Rapid deployment

Our Special Projects Division includes some of the world’s best-trained specialist staff.

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